Siak Sri Indrapura Palace in Riau

Siak Sri Indrapura Palace in Riau - The eleventh Sultan of the Siak kingdom started building this castle in 1889. The enriching divider tiles were transported in from China, the marble floor tiles from Italy. The windows are beautified with recolored glass. Inside the royal residence there are two delightful winding staircases. The royal residence is protected by hawks, which sit on columns around the property.

At the point when Indonesia wound up noticeably autonomous in 1945 the castle was given to the legislature on the grounds that the last Sultan did not have any relatives to proceed with the kingdom.

The castle is home to one of just two working gramophones on the planet. (The second one is in Germany.) Because of the shaky geographic conditions, the ground underneath the castle is always moving, bringing about a requirement for consistent redesign.

article source: A People Loved